Origin Effects announce RevivalDRIVE overdrive pedal

Following several years of research, the Origin Effects team have announced their first foray into the drive market with the new RevivalDRIVE.

Photos courtesy of origineffects.com

It’s the first ever overdrive from Origin Effects – and the first overdrive of its kind, ever! That’s because the RevivalDRIVE houses a complete valve amp-style signal path recreated using all-analogue electronics. It accurately delivers a wide range of British and American amp tones, from clean to fully cranked, with the ability to dial in exactly the drive characteristics and dynamic response you desire.

The RevivalDRIVE’s unique circuit design incorporates not only the preamp, phase inverter, power amp and rectifier stages, but also a synthesised mains power signal and a speaker-emulating reactive load. Because these stages behave and interact just like the real thing, the RevivalDRIVE is the first pedal capable of delivering true amp-like overdrive, power amp sag and the characteristic “ghost tones” generated when cranking certain vintage amps.
Better still, we’ve built in a range of EQ compensation features that let you fine-tune the output of RevivalDRIVE to suit a range of popular amps – or even plug straight into a flat-response power amp.

As part of the new RevivalDRIVE range, we’re also releasing the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM. Designed for maximum versatility, the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM features additional front-panel controls and a secondary EQ that will let you precisely match the pedal with almost any amplifier. For touring players, it’s the ultimate fly-rig overdrive!
Features include:
Solid-state and valve-styled rectifier channels
Dual Class-A preamp stages
Phase inverter and push-pull power amp stages
Built-in reactive speaker load
Fully variable mid boost
Unique Ghost control
Dry Blend control for parallel drive effects
Re-Amp EQ controls

RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM only:
Additional amp-matching filter/EQ controls

Optional two-button Revival Footswitch:
Override Dry Blend control
Activate mid boost

RevivalDRIVE £469/$549
RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM £569/$659
Revival Footswitch £TBC/$TBC



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